Federated writing about federated infrastructure in a federated wiki

When we are constructing heterarchic communication environments for progressive communities, we are using federated infrastructures ourselves to communicate. This matter of self-dogfooding is a neccessary compound in empathising with user's needs.

By recurring our own praxis through federational interfaces, we acquire the actual experience of how and why they must pertain. It is a form of ethical computing that we employ to shape next generation communication networks. We know of Conways Law and are aware of the challenges and fallacies it poses and introduces to Site Reliability Engineering.

There are many ways to approach the Federated Wiki. Some of theme are documented here for easier findability.

In building up federated infrastructures for user communities, we are supporting their daily routines by providing lean interfaces to horizontal collaboration. This page collects perspectives on systems design that are already covered in the existing federation of wikis.